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Flower and Snake [Updated Torrent Link] Movie Free Download

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Movie Name: Flower and Snake Full Movie Download
Genres: Thriller Film, Drama Film
Category: Hollywood
Language: English
Movie Time: 1h 55m
IMDB: 5.8/10
Release Date: 13 March 2004 (Japan)
Director: Takashi Ishii
Cinematography: Shohei Ando
Producers: Naomi Tani, Nagatoshi Sakamoto
Distributed by: Nikkatsu
Cast: Naomi Tani, Nagatoshi Sakamoto, Yasunori Ishizu, Hiroko Fuji, Akira Takahashi, Hijri Abe

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Flower and Snake aka Flowers and Serpents (1974) is a Japanese soft-core S&M film starring Naomi Tani, directed by Masaru Konuma and produced by Nikkatsu. Based on a novel by Oniroku Dan (born 1931), Japan’s best-known author of S&M fiction, Flower and Snake was the first of Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno films to deal with an S&M theme. Together with the later Wife to be Sacrificed (also directed by Konuma in 1974, and starring the same female and male leads) this film is credited with starting the S&M Roman Porno series which helped save Nikkatsu from collapse during the 1970s. Wikipedia
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Flower and Snake Movie Review


Tôyama, a weak-willed businessman, is in debt to the Yakuza; they also have a video of him bribing a government minister. To clear his debts, he agrees to let them drug and kidnap his wife Shizuko, Japan's queen of the tango, and subject her to the proclivities of a 95-year-old voyeur, who's a Yakuza boss. After a masked ball, Shizuko is taken prisoner; she fights her captors, submitting only when the life of Kyôko, her female bodyguard, is threatened. Tôyama feels regret and seeks to buy back Shizuko, but by this time, she may be enjoying her situation. Is she, or is she pretending in order to protect herself and Kyôko? Would she want a way out if there is one?

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